What Your Specs Say About Your Mood

Your Eyewear Represents You

Retro Eyeworks Blog What Your Specs Say About Your MoodPerhaps you have recently seen someone walking down the street or driving next to you that had on an intense pair of glasses. Clearly, they were making a statement whether they meant to make one or not. The size of glasses, the color of them, the shape, they all make a difference. Let us explain just how much of a difference they actually make.

Geek Chic, So In

This is one of the hottest trends. Men, well they find it sexy and you end up looking like you really know what you are talking about. Right now, the world wide web, is not just ruling our world, but also our look. It is ideal to be or look like a a tech nerd. Hop on this trend. Since geek chic frames are all the rave you can find prescription and non-prescription versions almost anywhere.

Retro Glasses and Vintage Glasses

Think Betty Paige inspired frames. Pinup girls were known for making eyewear sexy, and just because you need to wear vintage inspired prescription eyewear it does not mean you cannot have fun with it! Usually these glasses include cat eye frames, thick black outlines, gemstones and bold designs. Again, this is in style, but certainly not for everyone to rock. These items are great for people with heart or square-shaped faces since they are optimal for highlighting distinctive cheekbones. People who are engulfed and inspired by the fashion industry usually wear retro glasses or vintage glasses, take Helen Castillo from this season of “Project Runway” for example. Her cat eyes glasses are a stylish, fun and flattering version of vintage inspired prescription eyewear. They compliment her creative, bold mood on the show.

But wait, do retro, fun, funky sunglasses exist? Why yes, they actually do. One of our fan favorites are wayfarer cat eyes glasses. Wayfarer cat eyes glasses are new age sunglasses with a twist. Again, they are ideal for individuals with strong, distinct facial features, and they come in playful, prestigious patterns to boot.

Large Sunglasses or Sunglasses at Night

This is something celebrities are very well known for doing. Many rappers for example, such as Lil Jon, Jay-Z and more have been found guilty of rocking sunglasses at night. Wearing sunglasses that cover too much of your face or at inappropriate times may just be giving off the totally wrong impression. You are telling people you are hiding something or not to look you in the eye. If you are trying to avoid someone or were dragged out by a friend, wear them. Otherwise, leave them behind or lose them quickly.

Next time you grab a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses as you run out the door take a moment to think about the impression you are trying to make. The right pair will make people want to get to know you. The wrong pair, well it could age you or make people seriously doubt your sense of style. Pick up a few pair of trendy glasses, experiment and see if you literally see a difference in treatment.


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  1. Cute post! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve prescription sunglasses at night to dive home because my eyeglasses were left on the kitchen counter! I swear, I don’t feel as cool as Jay-Z when it happens.

    XO RTC

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