Momma Told Me Retro Eyeworks Is Great!

RetroEyeWorks H2

We love to see bloggers who understand the value of a good pair of glasses. Eyewear is no longer just the sign of the geek – they can be a stylish and fun addition to any wardrobe. Jenna from Momma Told Me saw the great potential of Retro Eyeworks when she tried on 3 of our more popular frames. After modeling the Beverly Black, Olympic Pink and Superflex Tortoise she understood the fun of having multiple frames to choose from. Sometimes you are feeling a certain way and want your outfit to match that – including your eyewear! And because she was able to try on our frames with such little hassle she felt comfortable going out of her comfort zone and trying frames that would normally think too bold for her. We salute her risk taking to get a truly eye catching pair of glasses – and we think it paid off! And we agree with her conclusion of Retro Eyeworks:

Retro Eye Works Comp2


See The Full Review HERE AT Momma Told Me


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