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Momma Told Me Retro Eyeworks Is Great!

We love to see bloggers who understand the value of a good pair of glasses. Eyewear is no longer just the sign of the geek – they can be a stylish and fun addition to any wardrobe. Jenna from Momma Told Me saw the great potential of Retro Eyeworks when she tried on 3 of our […]

A Review From My Empty Nest

     Those of you who have been wearing glasses your entire life know how much they start to become a part of who you are. When you don’t wear them you look like something is missing – they become a part of how you expect to see yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t […]

Even Crafters Love Retro Eyeworks

     We love the huge DIY and Crafter communities online. Some of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen have come from a creative spirit and a little bit of elbow grease – and that’s something we understand! So when we were contacted by Maz at Be A Crafter xD so they could review our frames, we […]

Lauren Paints a Great Picture of Retro Eyeworks

Keeping with the trend of bloggers LOVING our glasses, we received another great review from Lauren Paints | a beautiful life. She decided to try on our Beverly Black, Hollywood Black, and Westwood Blue frames. You can tell she had the right amount of fun reviewing the frames – because eyewear should be fun and stylish! She […]

Loving Retro Eyeworks – A Determined Momma’s Review

     The reviews just keep pouring in! Brooke from over at Diary Of A Determined Momma gave 3 of our frames the runway treatment. She discovered what we always knew – that glasses can be a fun part of any wardrobe. So it’s no surprise she was drawn to our great selection of glasses […]


Retro Eyeworks is incredibly proud to be a Los Angeles based company. We try to bring a little of that California flair to all of our US made glasses. But that does not mean we don’t appreciate all of our international customers. We think looking good is not just an American value – the whole […]

Suburban Style Challenge Review

  We sent Rachel over at the Suburban Style Challenge 6 of our frames to review. She was nice enough to post her experience with them, and we couldn’t be happier. We think she is well on her way to building a great wardrobe of glasses! She decided to try our Wilshire Clear, Pico Brown, Beverly Purple, Superflex Navy, Palm […]