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Retro Eyeworks is incredibly proud to be a Los Angeles based company. We try to bring a little of that California flair to all of our US made glasses. But that does not mean we don’t appreciate all of our international customers. We think looking good is not just an American value – the whole […]

Eyewear Highlight – Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory

I’m sure all of you have seen Bernadette on CBS’s hit Comedy The Big Bang Theory. While most people love the tiny blond for her big heart and even bigger voice, we love her for her amazing choice in eyewear! In fact, they look JUST like our Montana frame in Burgundy. The medium frame highlights her femininity and […]

World Cup Sunglasses

  We are so excited about the World Cup 2014 that we decided to build a line of sunglasses inspired by the team jerseys! From Holland and France’s amazing victory in the first round, to our own American team managing to beat Ghana it has been an amazing start! We hope you are feeling the excitement […]

Match Your Eyesglasses To Your Face: Advice From Retroeworks

Ask yourself, is my face square, round or oval? These are key factors when deciding  what frames will look good on you. Lets be honest, frames on eyeglasses can either make or break your look. A round face has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles. I suggest […]

What Your Specs Say About Your Mood

Your Eyewear Represents You Perhaps you have recently seen someone walking down the street or driving next to you that had on an intense pair of glasses. Clearly, they were making a statement whether they meant to make one or not. The size of glasses, the color of them, the shape, they all make a […]

Celebrities and Their Glasses-Reality Check!

Eye glasses are something many of us, wear every day. We should be able to wear them with pride. I believe some people go to the eye doctor and order prescription glasses without a thought to how they will look. Price should be a factor, but you can save a ton on prescription glasses (or […]

Get Your First Pair of Prescription Glasses, FREE

We know that our selection of retro glasses are making you salivate, every time you browse our store. So, in order to help you raise your wardrobe of stylish prescription eyewear, we are making it one step easier (and cheaper!) to obtain them. Introducing our Get Your First Pair for Free special. We are offering, […]