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Momma Told Me Retro Eyeworks Is Great!

We love to see bloggers who understand the value of a good pair of glasses. Eyewear is no longer just the sign of the geek – they can be a stylish and fun addition to any wardrobe. Jenna from Momma Told Me saw the great potential of Retro Eyeworks when she tried on 3 of our […]

A Review From My Empty Nest

     Those of you who have been wearing glasses your entire life know how much they start to become a part of who you are. When you don’t wear them you look like something is missing – they become a part of how you expect to see yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t […]

Even Crafters Love Retro Eyeworks

     We love the huge DIY and Crafter communities online. Some of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen have come from a creative spirit and a little bit of elbow grease – and that’s something we understand! So when we were contacted by Maz at Be A Crafter xD so they could review our frames, we […]

Lauren Paints a Great Picture of Retro Eyeworks

Keeping with the trend of bloggers LOVING our glasses, we received another great review from Lauren Paints | a beautiful life. She decided to try on our Beverly Black, Hollywood Black, and Westwood Blue frames. You can tell she had the right amount of fun reviewing the frames – because eyewear should be fun and stylish! She […]

Loving Retro Eyeworks – A Determined Momma’s Review

     The reviews just keep pouring in! Brooke from over at Diary Of A Determined Momma gave 3 of our frames the runway treatment. She discovered what we always knew – that glasses can be a fun part of any wardrobe. So it’s no surprise she was drawn to our great selection of glasses […]

Suburban Style Challenge Review

  We sent Rachel over at the Suburban Style Challenge 6 of our frames to review. She was nice enough to post her experience with them, and we couldn’t be happier. We think she is well on her way to building a great wardrobe of glasses! She decided to try our Wilshire Clear, Pico Brown, Beverly Purple, Superflex Navy, Palm […]